Soap for asp classic

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I have been tasked with obtaining a response from a SOAP request, using classic asp. The request is about as basic as it gets - I just need to fire off 3. 22.09.2014 · I am trying to integrate SOAP into a classic ASP website in VBScript, found numerous examples online and have viewed this one here consuming SOAP web. Using ASP and VB6 but still haven't come to grips with SOAP? In this article the ComponentSource team show us how to create a request/respose system in. I have a web service that I have to connect my company to. I don't actually know anything about ASP other than it seems to use VB Script which is just like. 13.01.2009 · Dear Sirs and Madames, This is my latest question in a string of I can't get this dang VbScript to work questions. I am new to VBScript and Web. How to use SOAP with Classic ASP / VBScript.; Author: AdamNThompson; Updated: 28 Sep 2007; Section: ASP; Chapter: Web Development; Updated: 28 Sep 2007. Clarification: this is not about user agent calls to pages, but Classic ASP calling ASP.NET! I have applications that are midway through a transition from. Consuming a .Net SOAP Webservice from Classic ASP (VBScript) By Duane Jackson - Founder 27th November Their service is exposed as a .Net SOAP webservice. (Classic ASP) SOAP Web Service (HTTP POST) Demonstrates how to call PostXml to call a SOAP web service. Eingebettetes Video · This post helped me out a lot in making a call to a SOAP web service. I’m getting a XML response back (which is good). What I.

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